The Shop on Memory Lane is a Visual Novel adventure where trading memories and exploring others' perspectives is just a quick shop stop away. 

With each customer interaction you have a chance to make meaningful choices and change the characters' path and narrative for better or worse. 

Head on down to The Shop on Memory Lane, and see where today's stock might take you.

This is a game made by the collective brains of TheLonchClob, with special credits to:

  • MadeByLiyi - Coding and Game Design
  • eSomething - Story and Narrative Design
  • Moohm - Art and Visual Design
  • Adaś Tomes - Audio and Music Design

The font used is OpenDyslexic by Go donate!

The Shop on Memory Lane was a project made in 10 days, as a part of Narrative Game Jam #6. Our theme for this project was 'Magical Realism'. 

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