This is a demo of art assets made for the Godot game engine.

Made as a submission for Godot Wild Jam 42.

This project was a solo effort, I worked on everything apart from a few textures that I sourced from various asset packs found on I wasn't able to make a full working video game experience, but I can present an art asset demo prototype of the character model and an example environment, with a working camera system and a bit of interaction. I hope you have fun checking it out!

Textures used from these asset packs (many thanks!):

Godot plugins used (also many many thanks!):

If for some reason you clicked away when the game started up and suddenly can't control the character anymore, just refresh the web page.


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I like it. The Character digging animation is surprisingly good. I haven't found any relics tho. Speaking of which, I made a game named "relic hunter "too. Most likely like a 100 other dudes too ^^

For the focus loss problem, try to add an onclick handler to the canvas, that calls something like:

function refocus_myself(){

var mycanvas = document.getElementById('3darea'); // or however your canvas is named