Princess Decorumina and The Cosmic Trash Heap
by Char9
made in Unity

By high decree, you, Princess Decorumina, are here by to embark on a good will mission representing The Royal Cosmic Furnishings. Travel the cosmos far and wide to deliver gifts from our kingdom of excellent decor and modern taste!

To play, please follow the the on-screen prompts.

Best played in Google Chrome

Type in house hold items and furniture into the text input press enter key to launch it towards the planet! (e.g. kettle, fan, lamp, wardrobe, bed etc.)


Eli Cauley
Liyi Zhang
Nida Ahmad
Dave Allen
Sweet Home 3D

Known Issues (as of 14/10/2018)
Safari: Colours appear as black and white when playing Unity web builds.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity


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Would be awesome to type in more variety than just a single word. I like how the progress stops if the player chooses a different word instead (same for a blank line or adding just a space-icon there).

Less easy ways or additional difficulty-selection would be cool too?