It's a heatwave in Brighton! Take to the beach and catch yourself some ice cream, but careful not to drop your scoops!

Control the ice cream cone position with the left and right arrow keys, and hold the down key to make scoops drop faster. Collect as many scoops as possible in the time limit!

Director & Artist: Liyi Zhang (
Lead Artist: Yeonjae Lee (@YeonjaeLee_Art)
Artist: Jing Tan (@Spiderlily666)
Audio: Ollie Anderson (
Programmer: Luke Sanderson (@Cactuar18)
Voiceover (male): Stefan Cornicard (
Voiceover (female): Susie Valerio (


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Maybe it's just a lag of my laptop (windows8.1 with basilisk-browser), I was starting this game, collecting the first shape and it got stored for some seconds in my ice-cream cone, then just disappeared to the left section.

I've collected the next one, then it automatically zoomed out to see a blue sky and hint many of the next shapes, music and audio continues but the game isn't showing the origin-graphics, like when starting the game and noticing my cone for catching more shapes.

I don't like to click a low-rate in that case, so I just thought on referring to this suggestion as comment-post only, hope that it's okay for sharing it here?

Same device, tried on another day, music is noticeable anyway, clicking the intro-title works and gets a sound appearing there, while moving my arrow-keys to the right, zooms my active shape to the left. Placed the first one, happened at the second one, instantly auto-zooms out to just the sky like recently and additional shape-parts being visible there. The game's audio keeps working, visuals still won't quite getting fixed, not sure what causes it?

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Very entertaining summer game! The main idea of the game is kind of interesting with the Tetris pieces, but with the difference that you won't rotate them and they stack differently. It gets very tricky when you get around 20 scoops and the cone will start to look super shaky. The easygoing music, nice graphics and the funny voice acting all fit the game very well. I'd imagine this being very nice on a phone too, considering the aspect ratio and simple controls.

Our contest, the Game Development World Championship has a category for jam games too, so you're very welcome to enter!